Don't Be the Prey

I hate to burst your bubble, but most of you act just like prey animals. Even worse, most of you mimic domesticated prey animals. Let me explain…

Domestication is simply a process that occurs when an animal is born into and lives within a highly controlled environment that is subject to artificial selection. Examples of domesticated prey animals include sheep and cattle. But even natural predators can become domesticated under the right circumstances (e.g. dogs and cats).

In humans, the process has been much more insidious. Our domestication first began when humans shifted from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a farmer/agrarian one. The second phase in our domestication – namely, the shift from a farmer/agrarian lifestyle to an urban/agglomeration one – is taking place at this very moment.

Domestication isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not always conducive to survival as a species. For one thing, domestication typically involves some sort of dependency situation – particularly for scarce resources. Every domesticated animal (including humans) is dependent upon some other animal (primarily humans) to provide these resources or to at least to provide facilitated access to them. And this is fine as long as everyone in the group/tribe/society remains “tame.”

But what happens when we can’t all get along? Or rather, what happens when some members of these groups refuse to “play nice” with other members – or the groups themselves collapse because of resource constraints or inefficiencies?

The answer is, the veneer of domestication gets peeled back and these humans become feral predators.

In other words, you get the muggers, thieves, rapists, terrorists, and various other sociopaths who actively stalk and prey upon other humans.

Remember, you’re a hunter-gatherer at your core, not an “enlightened urbanite.” Do your thinking and acting off of that foundation, and you won’t find yourself getting blindsided by all the predators out there.

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