Swim Report – February 1, 2009 – Superswim Sunday

I almost missed out on the festivities this morning. I hadn’t heard from anyone, so I wasn’t sure if the area was swimmable. I opted to take a chance and check it out solo as the air temperature was reading a record high of 34F. I made a mad dash out to Ladder #1 in my I-GO car and was quite elated to find the area mostly free of ice. Chris was out at Ladder #1, and there was only a thin skin of ice crowding around the base. However, the rest of the swim area was free and clear.

Chris and I suited up and entered the lake. The sun had risen, and it was absolutely brilliant in the cloudless sky. The water was crystal clear and, believe it or not, quite tolerable even at the just-above-freezing level of 33F. I believe the lack of wind coupled with abundant sunshine had a lot to do with that.

We swam down to the 1/8 mile mark at which point the area became iced over once again. So we did some laps back and forth and then horsed around in the area just beyond Ladder #1. The Ochoas had come out for a group run, so we had an ample fan base this time around. FYI, the Ochoas indicated that they will be bringing out the portable grill next Saturday morning (the 7th) for our long awaited Ladder #1 Winter Cookout. So come on out!

First sunrise of February (and it’s a beauty!)

The author warming up in the snow

Chris on ice

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