Soylent Pink

Take a look at this image:

Mark Sisson was “kind” enough to post it on his site, but it’s really something you should see for yourself. This is mechanically separated meat that’s used to make a variety of processed “meat product” foods.

Bottom line, whenever you eat a hot dog, a chicken mcnugget, or your favorite lunchmeat, odds are you are consuming this “edible meat tissue.” In addition, you’re consuming any chemicals, colorings, or preservatives that were dumped into this meat monstrosity to make it more appealing for human consumption.

The key is, do your own “hunting” and get your animal source protein (a.k.a. meat) in its most intact and unprocessed form. Buy whole carcasses if you can and avoid anything that’s been heavily processed.

Remember, humans did quite well for thousands of years without any “potted meat product.”

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