Swim Report – December 6, 2020 – At the Cellar Door

The in-swim water temperature out at L1 came in at an even 40.0F yesterday – right at the border of the “basement” – a.k.a. anything in the 30Fs. Technically, the surface temperature came in below 40F, but that was likely due to a 38F air temperature that was distorting the reading.

The lake had some slight swells and chops, but I got in my usual 1/4 mile before engaging in the mad post-swim scramble to get dressed before the dreaded afterdrop arrived. Luckily for me, I managed to secure a rock star parking spot just on the other side of the pedestrian tunnel. So it was a very quick dash from L1 back to the paradise of a heated automobile!

Morning skyline
One last look back

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