Swim Report – December 6, 2009 – Snorkel Test

I slept in a tad bit and missed Dave’s call this morning. I touched base with him around 8:45am, and he had already completed his swim. Water conditions were ideal – no waves whatsoever with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Dave offered to swing by and pick me up so I could get in a quick dip, and I happily obliged!

Given the air temperatures of 28F (-2.2C), I decided to go with my full winter thermal gear. This included my H2O windsurfer’s wetsuit and my Deep See diving hood. I probably could have gone with the Xterra full suit, but I erred on the side of caution since I did not have any time to do my usual cold water preparation (pre-swim cold water immersion, hydration/nutrition, etc.).

The water came in at a toasty 40F (4.4C), and I decided to test out Dave’s snorkel set up. One thing was obvious with the snorkel – you use a LOT less energy swimming with it! Dave’s going to send a few more shots, but below is one from this morning.

Happy December!

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