Swim Report – December 4, 2011 – Back at Montrose!

Last year Dave took us out to the south wall out at Montrose Beach, and it quickly became one of our new favorite swim spots. It’s not as majestic as L1, but you still have a cool view of the skyline in the distance. Plus, you can park your car really close to where you get into the water – which is critical during these colder months!

The lake temperature came in at an icy 41F, and we had some pretty rough chops thanks to a west wind. But our neoprene held out, and we got to once again experience the joy of changing out of our wetsuits in the frigid parking lot.

After the swim, we went over to the park area where there was a cyclocross event taking place. Be sure to check out the video for a clip of that action at the end!

Scenes from our open air “locker room”

Staging area for the first wave

Video swim report

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