Swim Report – December 10, 2023 – Thermocline Edition

Our first swim of December gave us a 43F lake – unusually warm for this time of year. We also noticed that the water was quite clear, indicating that the colder “winter layer” has not yet formed on the surface. Judging by a comparison of prior years, it looks as if the lake turned over briefly in late November but reverted back in early December – likely driven by the warmer temperatures we’ve had in the prior weeks. But no matter the cause, we certainly benefitted!

The air temp was somewhat nippy at 32F, but more than manageable. I went in with my neoprene shorty along with a hood, gloves, and booties and was quite comfortable in-swim. There was no real sunrise due to overcast skies, but I managed to get in just under 1/2 mile in a calm and clear lake!

L1 at “sunrise”
Calm and clear swim area!
Gearing up!

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