Swim Report – August 25, 2019 – A Swell Time

There were a lot of dry wetsuits a few miles south of L1 last Sunday, but we managed to get in a swim in spite of a rather raucous lake. Of course, a lake temperature of almost 74F really helped us out!

Whenever the sunrise takes place after 6:00am, I always get a bit melancholic since it is an obvious sign from Ma Nature that summer is coming to a close (metaphorically, as we technically have until September 23). And while the later swim start times do allow for more sleep, there is something about a foggy headed 5:30am swim time that provides the joyous certainty that summer is still on the upswing. But alas, such is the cycle of the seasons…

A handful of intrepid Lake Monsters came out to L1 and stared down a peevish Lake Michigan that had just eviscerated the dreams of nearly 9,000 triathletes down at Monroe Harbor. Having dealt with this problem child several times in the past, I immediately checked the lake temperature to see if that would be a complicating factor. As luck would have it, the mercury came in at 73.4F – quite a contrast to the rather brisk 61F (and windy) outside temperature! After monitoring the lake movements and surveying the swim area, we decided to get in at L2 where entry and egress seemed to be easier (or at least less difficult).

Despite the 3-4 foot swells and vigorous chops, being in the lake was very pleasant given the almost bath-like lake temperature. As with prior weeks, I went in with just my tropical print swim trunks and brand new goggles, and I was able to complete the 1/2 mile to Oak Street Beach before walking back. So overall, a successful morning!

The only real complication occurred on my way home in the car. It seems as if ragweed season is starting a bit early this year, and my allergies started to kick in about 45 minutes after being in the water. For those of you who deal with this type of allergy, be aware that ragweed pollen – unlike other pollen – does not sink in water. Instead, it floats on the surface and collects near the shores. So have your neti pot handy at the lake or as soon as you get home!

Lake Monsters at dawn
Time for a swim!

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