Swim Report – August 21, 2010 – Return of the thermoclines!

The 80% chance of thunderstorms predicted for this morning turned out to be nothing more than a slight rain that stopped by the time I reached L1. The lake temperature came in at 68F, but it was about 7F to 10F colder below the “swim layer.”

Cedric and new Lake Monster Jeff joined me out at the swim site, and Beth showed up a bit later. I went sans wetsuit and was just fine as long as I stayed horizontal. We had a mostly uneventful out-and-back miler with a short drizzle on the return leg just to keep things lively.

Jeff (Lake Monster #71 – congrats!)

Water polo grounds at the swim site!

2 Replies to “Swim Report – August 21, 2010 – Return of the thermoclines!

  1. steve… that is not a water polo set up ….
    thats a large fish cage i set up off ladder 2 to put all of the asian crap,sharks and piranha that i catch for the big fall bar-b-q at ladder #1. Today i caught a 600 pound bull shark by hand and he put up one hell of a fight so i bite him on the nose to quite him down a little.i am still looking for a few dozen lobsters….

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