Swim Report – August 1, 2009 – Wow…

We had a lively crew out at the lake this morning that included Carol, Laura, Chris, and yours truly along with a couple of other random morning swimmers making brief appearances at Ladder #1. The water was a perfect 71F, and with every stroke we got to take in an amazing sunrise.

The great weather stuck around until we left at 8:00am, but – as you know – things got overcast and rainy as the day went on. On that note, just a few words…

I’ll admit it. It’s fun to stay out late and sleep in on occasion. But to do so with regularity during the most amazing mornings of the year is an exercise in tomfoolery. At some point, you must ask yourself:

When I roll out of bed at 10:00am only to wait in line with other hungover, irritable brunchgoers, is it possible that I am missing out on something monumental?

I’ll let you decide:

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  1. Laura
    August 1, 2009

    I’ll have you know that I excel in exersizing in tomfoolery….

    • srhernan
      August 1, 2009

      I believe that tomfoolery in moderation is not only healthy but necessary for a complete life…

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