Swim Report – April 18, 2009 – New Lake Monster!

Dave, Chris, and new Lake Monster Carol made it out to Ladder #1 bright and early Saturday morning for a picture perfect Spring swim. The water temperature came in at a brisk 44F with clear skies and no winds. Yet another magical moment out at the lake that most people slept through.

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  1. You got to be kiddin me, right. Or Thursday also looks like it going to be a wonderful day, whatever time, I can make it!

  2. You bet. Big congrats to ya Carol! This time last year I was still afraid of anything under 50F! I might be game for Sunday. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated. 🙂

  3. Congratulations New Lake Monster — you ROCK! For all that hard work and braving that cold water, you deserve to be blessed with that magnificent sunrise. Keep up the great job following your passion!

  4. Thanks guys, it was great, I can’t come Saturday, but, if anyone is out on Sunday, I would like to join you, and try and go a little farther, now that I got a taste of it, I hope its cold enough to get some brown fat working!

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