Swim Report – April 12, 2009 – Happy Easter!

While Spring has ushered in steadily rising lake temperatures, it has also brought us some pretty hefty winds that have made everything touch-and-go out at the swim site. We had NE gusts of up to 17mph beginning on Friday that continued off and on throughout the weekend – so both mornings were essentially kiboshed.

However, the winds calmed down a bit on late Sunday afternoon, so I figured I’d chance a swim. I almost didn’t make it out to L1 because I snapped the chain on my commuter bike. But fortunately the bike paths were clear, and I was able to take out my road bike for the first time this season.

The lake was still a bit turbulent when I started the swim, but I can definitely tell that it has warmed up considerably. Here’s a short video clip of Sunday’s action (thanks Ann!):

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