OWC Launches New Instagram Site!

For over 15 years, we here at OWC have mistakenly believed that our value to you all has been our ability to provide you with real world opportunities to enjoy the challenges and adventures of outdoor swimming. However, it has come to our attention that we have woefully neglected our social media presence – and by extension the entire OWC community.

Bottom line, if even just one of you is unsatisfied with the quantity and variety of the content on our OWC social media platforms, we must accept the cold, hard reality that we have failed as an organization.

So in an effort to correct the error of our ways, we are excited to announce the launch of our new OWC Instagram site! From this point forward, the OWC virtual community will enjoy the latest and most advanced multimedia content of any swim group in the world. Specifically, you will now all have free access to the following:

  • Live in-swim video streaming of yours truly during each OWC meetup
  • Short-form video content of Lake Monster antics during our swim meetups
  • Long-form video content featuring interviews with world-renowned open water swim celebrities
  • Video testimonials from OWC Facebook fans
  • Demos, tutorials, and infographics from sponsors on various products and services
  • GIFs and memes satirizing swimming and swimmers
  • Monthly AMA (ask me anything) live chat sessions where you can engage with OWC to discuss all things outdoor swimming – or to just plain “vent your spleen”

To start accessing all this new (and did I mention free?) content, simply click on the brand new Instagram icon located at the top of the OWC home page:

Please note that Instagram is just the first of many new OWC social media expansions. Stay tuned for more details on our forthcoming MySpace site!

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