CTU! June Monthly Meeting at Ladder #1

In case you missed it, I conducted a special seminar Wednesday early evening for the June Monthly Meeting of the Chicago Triathletes Unite! Meetup Group. We had a great turnout – about 15 swimmers showed up – and the weather and water conditions were absolutely ideal. Here are some of the key points we discussed:

– The “inner game” of open water swimming (attribution of physical states, “catching” emotions, deconstructing the fear/anxiety response)
– Preparing your body for colder water immersion (cold water “priming,” mammalian dive reflex)
– Water entry scenarios (beach, pier, ferry boat)
– Treading water and sighting
– Special scenarios (choppy water, currents, drafting, swallowing water)

Special kudos go out to Jill Lambert for organizing the Meetup group.

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  1. diver dave
    June 27, 2009

    ?? was this meeting in January or June 2009 ???
    i see a lot of “wet suits” Holy Cats the water is 40 degrees warmer then or winter swims……

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