Charles Cushman Photography

Charles Cushman was born in the small southern Indiana town of Poseyville in 1896. Like many other young and enterprising Midwesterners, he felt the drawRead More

Heat wave!

We’ve had a string of warmer days now that have broken up the ice, so the lakefront looks pretty clear. I can’t wait to getRead More

The Snowy Owl

A snowy owl made a rare appearance at Montrose Beach during the swim on Sunday (the one I missed out on, of course). Fortunately, localRead More

The Beach Boys

Whenever you make a jaunt out to L1 during the warmer months, chances are quite good that you’ll see one or more of these loyalRead More

Ladder in the mist

SF Bay’s got nothing on us! Here’s a shot of an ethereal Ladder 1 that Dave took earlier today: And the official lake temperature –Read More