Swim Report – October 5, 2008 – Still 60F water!

Our first swim of October was a fantastic one. The water temperature held steady at 60F, which was almost scorching compared to the 44F air temperature. I broke out the colder water gear (full body wetsuit, thermo shirt, neoprene swim cap) and didn’t have a problem at all managing the temperatures inside and outside of the lake.

The sun was out in full force by the time I finished my out-and-back. So Mother Nature – along with a thermos of really strong coffee – helped take the edge of off the post-swim afterdrop. All the usual suspects made an appearance, and the “Barbancourt pineapple” was a repeat hit as well. FYI, we’re in the planning stage for a Ladder #1 barbecue some time in November. Stay tuned…

October sunrise

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