Primal Fitness Template

Theory to Practice has an excellent post on evolutionary/primal/ancestral fitness. I’ve copied and summarized the key points below, but be sure to check out the whole write up.


Carbohydrate sources:

– Plants
– Roots and tubers
– Berries
– Fruits
– Nuts (could be considered a fat source as well)

Protein and fat sources:

– Wild animals of all sorts (including muscle tissue, fat, organs, brain and marrow)
– Fowl
– Insects
– Fish and seafood
– Eggs


An exercise session should be constructed such that it is consistent with the following dictates:

– It should be intense, though of short duration
– The chosen movements should be functional in nature
– The individual components of the workout (as well as the workout itself, when considered in total) should be constantly variable
– Workout intensity and workout frequency should act as inverse variables
– Above all, try to learn to listen to the fractal rhythms of your body and adjust the four prior-mentioned points accordingly
– There should be periods of low-intensity “play” interspersed throughout the more intense exercise outings. This can consist of virtually anything you enjoy that involves fresh air and bodily movement. Walking, for example. Light tennis. Softball.

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