Paleo Eating – Your New Grocery List

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I am currently consolidating all of the dietary and consumption recommendations (along with a lot of other really great stuff) into a forthcoming new media project, Power Law Fitness. Please refer to this site for the most up to date information on this topic. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for writing! I think it’s virtually impossible to replicate a pure paleo diet. Most of the food available to us has been processed in some way or another – sometimes without us even being aware. That being said, we can get a close approximation of it, and I do encourage everyone to think in those terms. However, if you’re doing significant endurance training, a pure paleo diet just isn’t going to sustain you. Hence, I loosen up a bit on some of the “untouchable” areas.

  2. hi…personally I don’t think this really prescribes to a paleo diet…myrule of thumb is if the food didnt exist 100,000 yrs ago it shouldnt be part of the diet. That would eliminate legumes (which are poisonous if not cooked) dairy, fruit juices, oatmeal etc. The diet gets kinda boring only if u allow yourself to think in those terms.
    of course i might be more of a purest compared to the next guy!!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for the great comment! As long as its 100% juice (i.e. no added sugars or – God forbid – high fructose corn syrup), I consider it pretty equivalent to a fruit or a vegetable. Obviously, if you can go with just water, that’s technically pure paleo. However, I let a few things slide (i.e. oatmeal, honey, wild rice) – especially if you’re doing some heavier endurance training.

    By peanut butter, I don’t mean the mass-marketed stuff which is chock full of added sugars, HFCS, and trans fat. I mean the stuff you get at a natural foods market that consists of peanuts and sea salt – and maybe some palm oil to keep it from separating.

  4. Hmmmm… great stuff on this site!!!! I started the Paleo zone diet and I am suprized to see the juices on the list as well as the Peanut butter, oatmeal. Why do some feel that it’s ok and where do you think the differences come into play…. Seriously great stuff nonetheless I am glad I stumbled on your site…

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