Open Water Chicago's Simplified Guide to Optimal Fitness for 2010

1. Eliminate grains and sugars from your diet

2. Eat only clean and unprocessed foods in the following ratios:

– 40% to 50% animal source fats and proteins (fish, meat, and fowl)
– 15% to 20% plant source fats and proteins (nuts and seeds)
– 25% to 35% vegetable source carbohydrates and fiber (cruciferous, leafy, greens, stems)
– 15% to 25% fruit source carbohydrates and fiber (berries, citrus, accessory)

3. Take a decent multivitamin and fish oil supplement

4. Do one intense, large-muscle strength training workout each week for 40 minutes (or split it into two 20-minute ones)

5. Do two 40-minute brisk outdoor walks or hikes each week

6. Do one 30-minute higher intensity but lower impact outdoor aerobic activity each week (i.e. swimming or bicycling)

7. Keep a regular sleep schedule that allows for consistent and uninterrupted 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep each night

8. Go minimalist on the digital input – wean yourself off of your TV, computer, and smartphone and start interacting with reality instead

9. Stay out of your head – stop trying to analyze everything and instead just allow your senses to interact with nature on a moment by moment basis

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