(Non) Swim Report – February 21, 2009 – Chris’ report

Chicago got hit with a winter storm this morning that moved in just past midnight. No real heavy snow, but high winds that made swimming impossible. I opted to make this an HGH-boosting morning (sleeping in + Power Law workout), but Chris and Dave were out at Ladder #1 with these detailed observations:

Well, this morning’s reconnaissance mission to Ladder #1. I have this to report: gray stormcast sky, a very tempestuous lake producing ten to fifteen foot breakers coming over Ladder #1, and fifteen feet up the wall. There were huge upsurges of undulating waves cresting all over the place, also a coating of ice everywhere the waves went. Well, after a very turbulent day today we can only hope for a calm Lake Michigan tomorrow. For tomorrow’s mission I might need to bring skates to get to Ladder#1. Will definitely bring a hammer to break the ice off of Ladder#1. Starting tomorrow there’s only 90 days till the beaches open. Oh well, my head is swimming with the thoughts of swimming.

Aquaman Chris

90 days folks…I can’t wait!

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