Swim Report – May 10, 2008 – Another Perfect One

We had great swim this morning. I was a bit concerned about the water temperature given the 40F – 45F days we’ve been having, but the lake actually seemed a bit warmer this time around. I didn’t do an official measurement, but I’d estimate that the water temperature was in the 50F – 53F range. Just a few observations:

– Light exercise the night before seems to help “prime” the body for swimming. I did a low exertion 25 minute run before dinner last night, and that may have had a positive effect on managing the temperature changes.

– Diet and food intake seem to make a significant difference in thermoregulation as well. I always try to get a quick energy snack in my stomach 1-2 hours before each swim, but I’m finding out that it’s the evening before that really matters. I typically eat a lean source protein dinner with a “wet” carb such as steamed vegetables or fruits. However, last night I deviated from this and ate some whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce. This, combined with the run, seemed to take the edge off of the cold. In fact, I first noticed this during my pre-swim cold shower.

As always, here are the featured shots of the day:

Awesome sunrise

Dominique – Lake Monster #3 (congrats!)

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