Swim Report – April 26, 2008 – First Lake Monster Sightings of the Season!

At 6:15am on Saturday, April 26, 2008, we did our first “test immersion” into the lake. The water was a crisp 51F, but smooth as glass. The air temperature was hovering at 44F which made things a bit “shivery” upon exit. But we had our hot tea, and we managed to coax the sun into making a much welcomed appearance. Congratulations to Gregory, who officially became Lake Monster #2!

Just a few quick notes/observations:

– The progressive cold shower technique really helps prepare your body for 51F water. I had no cold shock response at all, and I experienced no rise in heart rate or respiration during the 15 minutes I was in the water.

– The cold water gear setup worked exceptionally well – especially the ONeill Thermo-X shirt. In fact, I would highly recommend getting one of these if you tend to get cold easily like I do. They do an excellent job of insulating your torso and keeping your body heat within your “core.” Plus, I’ve done longer swims with it, and I’ve found that it doesn’t limit your swim range of motion at all.

– Definitely use petroleum jelly on the exposed parts of your face and neck. It does make a difference.

– The most challenging part was the 5-10 minutes immediately upon exiting the water. I didn’t experience any shivering or discomfort until that point. Be sure to keep some dry layers of clothing handy as well as a thermos of hot coffee or tea.

Overall, though, it was a fantastic first swim! Keep reading for more details on the next scheduled event.

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