2009 Essential Reading List

Never before in human history have we had such easy access to so much information. However, much of it is useless at best – or counterproductive at worst. So here is my attempt to cut through the pile and extract the real gems.

The following information sources represent what I consider to be consolidated privileged information that will help you optimize your short dance on this planet:

48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene uses various historical examples to effectively illustrate the timeless principles of power and influence.

33 Strategies of War – Also by Robert Greene, this book consolidates centuries of practical wisdom on the eternal subject of managing human conflict.

Your Money or Your Life – First issued in 1993, this book deconstructs the emotional components of money and teaches you to more effectively manage this scarce resource.

Getting Things Done – David Allen provides a “bottom up” approach to managing your life that’s the best I’ve seen so far. While it involves a lot of up front work, the GTD system will substantially increase your overall efficiency in multiple life areas by teaching you a project-based approach to life management.

Complete Works of Shakespeare – Every facet of the human experience is contained within these writings. And no one has yet to have captured it so eloquently as the bard himself. Do yourself a favor and add this to your reference library for life.

Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark Sisson’s comprehensive web site is a veritable treasure trove of valuable advice on how to optimize your overall health and fitness. It’s exceptionally well organized, and there’s a ton of excellent content that’s easily searchable.

The Simple Dollar – Trent Hamm is to personal finance as Mark Sisson is to health and fitness. The Simple Dollar is the most comprehensive source for information on how to optimize your money and material resources. Unlike all the “celebrity gurus” who have unfortunately hijacked this critical topic, Trent provides solid, practical information from a “regular guy” perspective with which we can all identify.

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