Paleo Nutrition on the Cheap

PaNu, a new blog on paleo nutrition, has a great post on how to keep to a primal eating regimen without breaking the bank. Since it’s so concise, I’ve copied it here in its entirety:

1) Never eat anything that comes in a box (pasta, cereal, crackers…) Stick to the peripheral aisles at the grocery store.

2) Drink only whole milk, water or iced tea – you will get good nutrition from the milk, and water and homemade iced tea are dirt cheap or free. People spend a fortune on liquid food that is just High Fructose Corn Syrup and water. I drink only water at restaurants – I spend my money on the food instead.

3) Eat salads and veggies that you like.

4) Eggs are the perfect food and cheap protein- they contain amino acids in the exact ratio as found in your body (of course they do, they are meant to grow a bird fetus from scratch!) I eat 4-6 eggs a day at a cost of no more than a dollar a day.

4) If you can’t afford high quality grass-fed beef or bison, buy shoulder cuts and pork butts and smoke them or slow cook them. Take some fish oil to balance the high Omega 6’s with Omega 3’s.

5) Buy whole chickens and grill them – be sure to eat the skin, that’s the best part. Or go to Sam’s club for the 3 lb already roasted chicken – feeds a family of four for $5.

6) Drink half and half or whole cream for breakfast or add it to your coffee. Cheap, healthy (low insulin response) and fills you up.

While I would go easier on the diary products, these are pretty solid recommendations.

2 Replies to “Paleo Nutrition on the Cheap

  1. Hey fresh pineapple is good for you !, and
    one must get their proper amount of whole
    grain goodness the secret sauce provides.

  2. ??? what about the huge amounts of freah pineapple and gallons of secret sauce we consumed ???
    i really do not think it was water we were drinking…..
    will i need to make out my will soon or do you think i will live to swim again????

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