Men's Health Month Wrap Up: Fitness Role Models

If you are brave enough to read or watch the news, you’ll notice two things:

1) Most of it is negative.
2) Most of it focuses on condoning or even glorifying the behavior of “celebrities” who often make very poor choices with regards to their health, their relationships, and their lifestyles.

We’re going to take a different approach with this post. As we close out the month of June, we’re going to commemorate Men’s Health Month by highlighting a few key individuals who – by their choices and actions – have raised the bar for the rest of us when it comes to fitness and health.

Mark Sisson (age 55)

Former competitive runner and triathlete, Mark Sisson has made a career out of unlocking the secrets of achieving good health in a safe and natural way. His website, Mark’s Daily Apple, is one of the best online resources of key information on health, wellness, anti-aging, safe weight-loss, nutrition, and supplementation. Mark’s health philosophy is based on an understanding of evolutionary science, and he provides readers and site visitors with invaluable insight and information on how to optimize overall human health.

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Mack Newton (age 62)

8th degree black belt and a former Head Coach of the USA Taekwon-Do Team (1981-84), Mack Newton is a case study in achievement and fitness as well as in managing adversity. Two hip replacements from Vietnam-related injuries haven’t kept him from teaching and competing in Taekwon-Do – nor have they kept Mack from becoming one of the most sought-after fitness and conditioning specialists among professional athletes worldwide. In addition to his successful Taekwon-Do and fitness ventures, Mack is a celebrated author and motivational speaker who hosts “The Mack Newton Power Hour,” a weekly radio show on fitness and peak performance.

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Arthur DeVany (age 71)

Scientist, athlete, and recognized expert on evolutionary fitness, Art DeVany personifies peak human health and conditioning. DeVany has consolidated a lifetime of science-based exercise and nutrition wisdom into his weblog which is well worth the subscription rate. DeVany expertly debunks the fitness fads and junk science still being touted today, and he outlines the key diet and exercise patterns that maximize human health.

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Jack LaLanne (age 94)

The “godfather of fitness,” Jack LaLanne continues to defy the aging process and is still going strong well into his ninth decade. Jack’s daily workout consists of strength training and swimming, and he follows the food mantra “If man made it, don’t eat it.” Nostalgia seekers who download and view old episodes from “The Jack LaLanne Show” are often astonished to realize that Jack was spot on about proper diet and exercise back in the 1950’s. And while there are some in the fitness world who still insist on other methodologies, it’s awfully hard to argue with Jack’s results!

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