Endurance Training and Growth Hormone Levels

I ditched an endurance training bike riding session this morning in favor of two very valuable activities:

1) 9+ hours of sleep

2) Power Law Workout

Why are they valuable? Because both activities significantly increase the levels of human growth hormone (hGH) in your system without increasing your stress hormone levels.

Naturally-generated hGH is a fantastic substance. It enhances your immune response, brings you greater resistance to disease and infection, and bolsters your energy, strength, and stamina. It also stimulates muscle mass growth and improves bone density.

Both strength training and endurance training stimulate the production of hGH. However, activities such as heavy endurance training, prolonged gym workouts, and anything “cardio” (i.e. spinning and treadmill workouts) actually increase stress hormone levels and down regulate hGH as well as testosterone. And elevated stress hormones make you insulin resistant, which leads to overeating – or eating more junky carbs such as Gatorade and most other “sports drinks.”

And the same thing happens whenever you skimp on sleep, too. This explains why you crave that $5.00 iced coffee/dessert abomination first thing in the morning.

Bottom line, do yourself a favor every so often and devote a weekend (or weekday – just call in sick) morning to sleeping in and then hitting the gym on an empty stomach for a Power Law Workout. Learn what it feels like to spike your hGH levels naturally.

I guarantee you’ll never look at your old workout routines the same way again!

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