Open Water Coaching



Let me ask you a question – do you really want to get training on how to merely “survive” the swim portion of a triathlon?

When I started doing triathlons in 2004, that was the focus of almost all available open water swim training. And you know what? That’s still how it’s mostly done these days! (And no, I’ve never understood why they still use that phrase in their clinics…)

What if, instead of fearing the swim, you could confidently manage any situation in the open water – and actually enjoy the activity?



Open Water Chicago (OWC) is thrilled to announce an exclusive new open water training option – “The Essentials of Successful Open Water Swimming.”

This unique session will be offered at various times throughout the summer months and is based on the “OWC System™ for Mastering Outdoor Swimming,” a specialized swim instruction program that I have developed and refined based on my years of continual, year-round open water swimming and swim training.

So you will get to learn from the only area open water swim instructor who actually developed a training program based solely on practice and experience in the open water (imagine that!).



OWC’s Essentials of Successful Open Water Swimming is a one-of-a-kind 2.0-hour interactive instructional and demonstration session that is designed to provide you with the key strategies and tactics YOU NEED to succeed in any outdoor swimming situation. We will cover several critical areas, but below is a list of the topics we will be going over in detail:

– The external reality of outdoor swimming
– The inner game of outdoor swimming
– The Physical Trifecta™ – what it is and why it’s the key to successful outdoor swimming
– How to effectively prepare for colder water immersion
– Swim-start tips – including pre-swim preparation, gear selection, and water entry tactics
– Anxiety and panic in open water swimming – why they’re completely different and how to manage or prevent the both of them
– Reality-based sighting – how to REALLY keep your bearings in any swim situation
– How to handle swimming and breathing in waves, chops, and currents
– Drafting – how to conserve energy through other swimmers
– Other issues/challenges unique to swimming outdoors



My sole motive for running these clinics is to make you a better outdoor swimmer. Period.

Open Water Chicago is a strong passion of mine, but it is not my livelihood. I don’t have any business or economic interests interfering with my ability to provide you with unbiased, high quality open water swim training personalized to your specific situation. That’s why I can afford to keep these clinics small and interactive.

Like you, I have career and family obligations separate from this activity. I understand that your time is both limited and valuable. So you’ll get no annoying product or service promotions at any of my clinics – just the absolute best possible open water swim training based my year-round experience swimming solely in Lake Michigan.



Keep checking the OWC website and Facebook page for announcements on upcoming clinic dates. Or if you have a specific question or need, feel free to reach out to me at +1 (312) 927-0299 or via email at

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of OWC!