Open Water Coaching

There is no one more hard-core than Steve Hernan in Chicago. Steve thinks 40 degrees F is cool, 50 is tropical and 60 is unbearable – which may be a bit of an exaggeration – but not by much. Seriously, Steve has created quite a community of hard-core swimmers, general fitness enthusiasts and masters swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. He is the open water swimming man around town in Chicago.

— Steven Munatones (Open Water Source)

Open water swimming in Chicago means training in Lake Michigan. Period.

Training in an indoor pool may help you with techniques and endurance, but all bets are off when it comes to navigating the uncertain elements inherent in the open water.

So before you invest in “open water coaching” from anyone, be sure to ask them the following:

– Have you done distance swims in Lake Michigan YEAR-ROUND?

– Do you know how to effectively manage extreme lake conditions and water temperatures?

– Do you have a swim resume that includes open water swims in oceans and large bodies of water (i.e. San Francisco Bay, Lake Superior, Lake Erie)?

– Are you a Red Cross-certified lifeguard with specific open water safety and rescue training?

– Are you a seasoned triathlete who thoroughly understands the swim element of the event and how it impacts your entire race performance?

Unlike the majority of the swim coaches in Chicago, I can answer yes to ALL of these questions.

So if you are looking for expert training on how to effectively manage and swim in open water, I will gladly work with you one-on-one and teach you what I guarantee you won’t learn anywhere else.

And just as important – you’ll have a really fun time! I keep the mood healthy and positive so that you not only learn more, but that you also feel more comfortable and confident in challenging yourself beyond your own self-created limits.


Call us at +1 (312) 927-0299 or send us an email, and we’ll talk about your specific needs and how we can tailor a training session just for you.